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    Tell me what you would have me do. Traveling here in the first place was a perfunctory matter. I have struggled to fit in everywhere I have traveled, relying on others for protection while I adventure,in search of arcane advancements.

    The burden of a wizard is not so different than that of a monk, or Cleric…we are both zealots only wizards worship the arcane. I have come to understand and respect the gods during my stay here, and that knowledge has enriched my life.

    You have provided what I could not provide for myself…A sanctuary for peaceful study of powerful magic. I intend to use what I learn here to repay your kindness in anyway I can.

    As for the paths that have been traveled against your council not to tread, I defer back to my previously mentioned situation.

    My group that has caused you concern have protected me during my advancement, and in return I offer them my protection. These people who were once just a necessity, in time, have become my friends, and in many ways the only family I have ever had. Who else is going to keep them alive?

    At this point I see much clearer the dangers in going off without council, and heeding the words of those to be trusted.

    If you ask me I would inforce your will in these matters. I will defy you no more! As I have stated my companions have become family,I will no longer act as one repaying a debt. We give not to those so close and expect any return. We give to those we love without promise of return. I will no longer act out of a sense of duty. I will question the choices we all make, and trust your wisdom.

    I cannot, more would I wish to control the actions of my company ,but I can control my own.

    I owe some amount of loyalty for what you have done for me, and I pay my debts. Advise me. What would you have ME do?

    March 30, 2016 at 8:12 pm #1764

    First, I would have you go to Grey, and find out if it is too late to call off his agents. If not, we shall have to deal with the fallout what may come.

    Second, there is a great Library in Shen Ling I am told, which contains many old texts. There is a bit of a puzzle I have been trying to solve ever since you came back from Foothold, the place you went looking for your friend…Jamba was it?..At anyrate, I believe that place holds some historical significance. There is a reason why The bandit king sent others there, but there may even be something deeper about the place. You found a book there, that Akiba’s wizard had taken into the place, the book which led him there no doubt. I wish to see this book. Further…you are on good terms now with the Library of Shen Ling. There is a short list of books which I would be interested in reading if they are there. I suspect something, and I must study the past in order to prepare for the future.

    Will you allow me to see the book Lao took to Foothold?
    Will you help me to borrow a few books from the Library of Shen Ling?
    Lastly, will you talk to Grey, and see if he is willing and able to un-kick the hornet’s nest?

    I still believe if you would be willing to give up the bandit king’s Wizard, he would could be convinced to give up whoever it is Grey is trying to rescue.

    April 5, 2016 at 4:01 pm #1771


    Yes, I will Talk to Grey,but I warn you his resolve is legendary even amongst his friends. He holds secrets even from us…especially from us, always cloaked in shadow that one. For one who speaks of family his own image is that of the Father, for he treats us as children…and maybe that is best if the truth threaten us so.

    Can one who sees himself as a Father, THEE protector, ever see us as equals…true equals when the politics of this land are so ingrained in him, and we are but babes in his world of shadow? Could he ever hope to heed my words if he did not heed yours, the mighty keeper?

    I have no doubt that Grey loves us in his own way, the best way he can…My old master used to travel between worlds, and learn from song and colorful amusements great lessons learned by others.

    He told me of a song of love,by a great muse from another plane. He spoke of undying love for another to which he would do anything…save for one task left un named.

    Grey fits this for me. I feel I may warn him, advise him to listen, and although Grey loves all of us and would he would do anything for love, but he won’t do that…Listen against his own council I mean to say.

    April 5, 2016 at 7:18 pm #1773

    “Very well Grognak…I only ask you speak to him in the matter”

    And with that the keeper glides out of the room, annoyingly leaving the door open behind him.

    At this point, if you’d like to set up a meeting with Grey, email me the details, or let me know anything else you want to do. If you don’t get back to me in a week or so I’ll just fast forward time a bit.

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