New Alchemical and Sacred Items

Our agents cannot be everywhere at once…the age of blood is let lose, and man strains under the darkness of the world.  I supplicate on the behalf of the mortals.  Let us give them something.  Let each of us take a small part of our power, and shower blessings upon the mortal realm, so that good people will have some help!

-Shui Khan

Heavenly Blessings

Our agents cannot be everywhere at once…the age of blood is let lose, and man strains under the darkness of the world.  I supplicate on the behalf of the mortals.  Let us give them something.  Let each of us take a small part of our power, and shower blessings upon the mortal realm, so that good people will have some help!

-Shui Khan

Heavenly Blessings are small holy items that are unique to Yunshan, and only function within its boundaries.  They appear as simple trinkets, but each is charged with a blessing, the power of a tiny miracle made available and ready for mortals in need.  Anyone with at least one soul coin may activate a heavenly blessing as a standard action, much like a magical item.  Heavenly blessing can be used by anyone, in fact, that is their purpose.  Heavenly blessings are handed out by the priests of the four great temples, but it’s whispered they are given to the priests by the gods themselves.  They are handed out to reward service, and sometimes seemingly at random.  Because they will work for anyone, and are quite useful, they are also used as part of Yunshan’s holy currency, usually valued at 500 gp each when used to trade. There are 8 known Heavenly Blessings, one for each of the celestial governors.

Guan Yin’s Kiss

A cone of insense said to contain the essence of the goddess of healing’s kiss.  When lit, these are instantly consumed, leaving a 20 radius filled with translucent, pink hued, sweet smelling smoke.  The smoke is not dense enough to have any appreciable effect on vision.  Those within this area when the cone was lit, gain fast healing 1 for the next 8 rounds.

Chu Jungs Oil

This heavenly blessing always takes the form of a small, fragil clay bottle the size of a thumb.  There is no stopper, the entire thing is sealed with clay.  If the bottle is slammed against the chest, or crushed in the hand with conviction, a sweet smelling clove oil is released. One so self anointed gains a limited protection against attacks from the dead.  Any saving throws that result from an undead touch attack that causes disease, ability drain, level drain, poison, or other maladies caused by the undead, or  from the negative plane, may be re-rolled if a failure results.  The anointed must take the consequences of this 2nd roll.  The protection of Chu Jung’s Oil lasts 8 rounds.

Shui Khans Comebacks

Shui Khan is the divine lawyer on behalf of mankind, who defends the souls of the dead when they are judged by Chu Jung in the Heavenly Courts.  When one of his defendants is accused by Chu Jung, Shui Khan is known for his snappy comebacks.  Many times they are not even statements of truth relevant to the case at hand, but simply uplifting, and sometimes over optimistic  platitudes about the goodness of mankind and it’s potential for greatness.  Even the impartial and stoic Chu Jung is occasionally moved to forgive a crime or two, or reward some special pardon requested by the passionate and charismatic defender, Shui Khan.

Shui Khan’s Comebacks are tiny scrolls about the size of a finger, bound with a red silk ribon.  Written on each is a short sentance or two, one of Shui Khans best one liners.  If it is read aloud with conviction, those in a 20 ft. radius are effected as with an aid spell.  In addition, anyone effected by magical fear in the area may immediatly attempt an additional saving throw to snap out of it.

Bolin’s Beads

A strand of 8 rough cut crystal beads on a short cord of leather.  When the knot at the bottom is undone or cut, the beads fall off, turning to dust and drifting away before they even touch the ground.  The user of the beads is granted a +10 bonus to land speed for the next 8 rounds.

Li Na’s Lucky Dice

Li Na is the goddess of luck and fate.  Her heavenly blessings are always a pair of tiny crystal dice the supplicant throws on the ground to activate.  The numbers rolled floats off the dice and upwards, glowing and becoming larger before suddenly vanishing.  The dice themselves crumble to dust.  The effect depends on the numbers rolled. Whatever effect the die has, it lasts for 8 rounds.

2: The Eyes of Fate Upon You: Roll again, but treat the blessing rolled as a curse, applying the effect negatively to the supplicant instead.  If a 7 is rolled, the two effects cancel each other out and the dice are consumed with no effect.

3: Destined to Hit the Mark: Next attack roll treated as a 20

4: Lucky for you, Swing and a Miss!: Next attack roll against supplicant treated as a 1

5: Perfect Timing: Next saving throw roll treated as a 20

6: Always in the Right Place: +4 to reflex saves.

7: Double Lucky!: Roll again twice, this is cumulative and can lead to some pretty wacky shit.

8: All Who Stand Against You Fall…Maybe: Any opponent who moves through, into, or spends a round in a square threatened by the supplicant has a 1 in 6 chance of suddenly tripping and falling prone at the end of their move.

9: Luck is on Your Side: +4 to all skill checks

10: Opportunity Knocks on Skulls: every Round you may take an attack of opportunity, even if no one triggers one.  You simply get an extra attack each round whenever you want.

11: Lucky Magic:  If spell caster, all spells cast at 2 levels higher, if not, +2 to all saves vs spells.

12: Too Much Luck for You!:  Roll again and take the effect as normal, but sometime in the next 24 hours, you will be struck by the opposite effect for 8 rounds.

Tein Mu’s Pomegranate

Tein Mu knows nature spirits are sometimes corrupted, and innocents need something to buy them time to escape.  Her earthly blessing takes the form of a small, dried pomegranate that is as hard as stone.  The supplicant casts it at the ground, where it shatters (regardless of how hard the ground actually is).  For the next 8 rounds they receive +4 sacred bonus to AC vs attacks from nature spirits, and +4 vs saving throws against spells and supernatural powers unleashed by such spirits.  This effect only works against greater and god like spirits if they are corrupted.  Fully focused spirits of this power are un-effected. This effect is voided in any round which the supplicant chooses to attack the nature spirit.  The nature spirit may still use area of effect spells that include the supplicant, but may not target them specifically.

Tai Shen’s Salts

These take the form of a tiny bottle filled with yellow salts soaked in pungent oils.  When the tiny cork is removed a small poof of yellow vapor is expelled, enough for 1 supplicant to inhale.  The salt turns to useless white dust, the oil is consumed in the reaction, and the bottle is now a clouded useless mess, but the supplicant is allowed to re-roll the last saving throw they failed vs any poison, disease, charm/enchantment, paralyzing, or any effect which causes confusion or insanity.  If this 2nd save is successful, the results of the first failed one are instantly reversed.

Twen Ch’ang’s Universal Insights

A tiny scroll held tightly coiled by a ribbon of green silk.  On it, a single sentence, and one of Twen Ch’angs insights, which triggers deep reservoirs of knowledge and memory in the one who reads it.  The next knowledge check made by the supplicant is treated as if a 20 was rolled.