Fanlu Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters



A fearsome demon who rules over and protects the Underworld Market.





Constable Li

Mayor Yoritomo hired Constable Lee to serve as an independent peace keeper in Fanlu.  Lee is a Hobgoblin, who won his freedom as a champion fighter in the Six Points style of dueling in Bartertown.  The Six Points style is a type of duel where one warrior of advanced training faces off with 6 lesser warriors at once.  Constable Lee was an undefeated champion in this and has a tried and true reputation for being able to defeat a gang of assailants single handedly. Lee is just one constable in a town of thousands.  He cannot be everywhere at once.  Truly, it is his reputation which is the most powerful tool in keeping the peace.  Yoritomo understands this, and hopes the mere presence of this undefeated, famous pit fighter as a lawman, will do wonders for keeping rowdies in line.


Evon is a half elven intellectual who came to Yunshan long ago, though you do not know the story.  Evon owns most of Redtown and is said to be very wealthy.  Evon dresses in simple clothing, and consorts as much with commoners as he does with aristocrats, though he does have refined tastes.  Evon owns the Sacred Leaf, a renowned Teahouse where powerful people come to meet.  He is himself a power broker, the kind of man who can arrange certain kinds of meetings…Like Yoritomo, he has lived a long life, most of which has been spent watching over and building Fanlu.  He knows the city better than anyone.




Fang Quiang

The protective spirit that watches over Fanlu, said to live within Old Black Stripe








Owner of a large tavern in Laketown called The Anglers Line.  Rumor has it he belongs to the semisecret group known as the Fishermen.  Gill is well liked in Laketown, too much a part of Fanlu’s fabric for the Brotherhood to simple kick him out.  He successfully infiltrated the city, became a citizen, laid deep roots and became a trusted icon before anyone figured out he was a Fisherman.  Now he’s like one of those masterminds that’s untouchable, the Brotherhood know he is a Fisherman, but can’t prove he’s up to anything unlawful.  It’s unclear whether the Fishermen are good or bad, but they certainly have a reputation for hatching plots, and visiting harsh justice upon their enemies.



Lady Katana

Lady Katana is a figure of novelty, a women of considerable wealth, and the Madame of the Lotus House, an expansive and ornate mansion that serves as a high end restaurant and place of entertainment.  The Women who work under her possess extreme beauty, but are not prostitutes.  They are entertainers, but also men of great wealth will bid for their attentions in the hopes of becoming their exclusive client.  These women are a variation of courtesans that you haven’t figured out yet









Mayor Yoritomo

An iconic man, well over one hundred years old, who has watched Fanlu grow from a ruin and an idea, to a thriving settlement that so many thought would fail.  He came from humble beginnings.  Yoritomo joined the Brotherhood of the Southern Route, and did more to advance the order than anyone else in the last century.  You have never met him, and know little of him beyond the vagaries of his own legend.






The Night Watchman

Yoritomo has hired an aloof and mysterious mystic to serve as Fanlu’s Night Watchman.  The Night Watchman is responsible for roaming the streets at night and dealing with any supernatural evils which might try and enter the town under cover of darkness.  Night Watchmen in Yunshan are not merely guards or warriors, they are powerful souls, touched by the spirit world, who form a magical bond with the towns they protect, and the spirits that live there.