The House of Pacified Shadows

The second most powerful force in Fanlu is the order of warrior monks and priests known as the House of Pacified Shadows.  Occasionally the shrine will send its warrior monks through the rough neighborhoods looking to start trouble with anyone who seems like a trouble maker (and it’s fair to say that sometimes these well-intentioned but overzealous patrols end up being the trouble makers themselves!)  The Shrine can provide muscle in times of civil unrest, and have fought side by side with the brotherhoods outriders on many occasions to deal with bandits outside the city.  There is a deeper power the House of Pacified Shadows holds over Fanlu however.

HOP ShadowsThe people of Yunshan have deep superstitions, and follow strict supernatural laws to keep their karma clean.  Every major event, and many minor ones in a person’s life require a special ritual, or a blessing of the gods that can only be properly performed by a priest.  The House of Pacified shadows provides Fanlu with its priests.  Since the towns birth the priests of the Pacified Shadow, in their wispy robes of black, white, and red, have presided over nearly every wedding, funeral, commemoration and commencement ceremony.  These mundane tasks are of deep importance to those who live in Yunshan. The people are happy to pay to have a priest present to insure the ancient rites and traditions are honored properly.  Beyond the Mundane, the House of Pacified Shadows provides the Brotherhood of the Southern Route with supernatural healing, and provides the town with supernatural protections. Having a shrine standing behind them gives the brotherhood and the people of Fanlu a since of clout.  Fanlu would have been lost long ago, destroyed by raiders, or swallowed up by Bartertown, without the authority and power of the House of Pacified Shadows looming behind it.