Old Narrows

Lesser Nature Spirit

At a Glance:WaterElementalEvo

This is the first spirit Grey and his party encountered upon entering Yunshan.  What ensued was the fight of their lives.  In a narrow pass, in knee deep water that constantly threatened to sweep them away, they fought the merciless, living wave that is Old Narrows.  This was also the first appearance of Yooshu Two Rivers.  Without his help the group might have met their end, and later that night, without the groups help, Yooshu might have met his, But that, is another story!

Skills and Powers:

Impossible to harm with mundane weapons, highly resistant to magic.

Purpose and Goals:

To rip and tear up and down the narrow pass that leads into Yunshan when the River below it overflows its banks

Orders and Allies:


Enemies and Rivals:

-Old Narrows is a threat to those who travel along the Stone Shadow Pass during flash floods.  The house of pacified shadows is always having to deal with him

-The Pacified Shadow itself watches over all good folks that live just west and south of Fanlu in the Shadowcrag Range.  To this extent, angry Old Narrows is an enemy, and every now and then the Pacified Shadow sweeps in to save some beleagured traveler, and deny Old Narrows his kill.




-Old Narrows is a seasonal spirit of sorts.  Some spirits can only manifest a physical form during certain days of events.  Old narrows only appears when the river that flows beneath the Stone Shadow Pass overflows its banks.

Spirit Info

Focus: (The sacred spot that binds the spirit its domain)


Blessings: (Small boons spirits bestow upon the people they like that live in their domain)


Favors: (More powerful boons, usually one use spell like abilities a spirit can bestow upon a champion.  These even work beyond the spirits domain)


Mark: (A powerful, permanent magical effect a spirit gives to one whom it has formed a special bond with, very powerful stuff!)


Domain Powers: (Other special powers a spirit can exorcise in its domain)


Ire! (Not to be confused with “Irie” the opposite of blessings…bad things a spirit can do to you if you piss it off)


Other Lore: (Weaknesses and other things most would not know about the spirit)

Don’t mess with Old Narrows!