Favored Son – The Chronicle of Stern

Child of Enuncia, Aesthetic Warrior and Divinely chosen disciple of Krom, Xy’ Stern.


As Stern matured, life in the Cabal of Valeria started to become more and more difficult, leaving him in seemingly untenable situations over and over again because of his blaring difference, both physical and ideological.

Unlike the majority of the fledgling Illumian race, Stern was, and still is, a rather uncomplicated person, honorable and courageous, valiant and righteous, a young hero against the Dark Powers of this world and a student of Warfare in all its aspects.


Within the secretive depths of an Illumian cabal where mystery and intrigue, misdirection and espionage are laudable traits, a straightforward young warrior like Stern stood out painfully until finally he left, brutally severing his ties and setting out into the world to pursue life according to his ingrained ideals. This bravery and his general love of battle are probably what garnered his divine patron’s attention in the first place.


He traveled the lands, often in the company of other great warriors of similar ideals, learning and fighting by their sides. Praise ever to his lord Krom. Actively seeking out battle in the service of his Lord and driven to combat the pervading darkness that plague the world around him.