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Yes, I will Talk to Grey,but I warn you his resolve is legendary even amongst his friends. He holds secrets even from us…especially from us, always cloaked in shadow that one. For one who speaks of family his own image is that of the Father, for he treats us as children…and maybe that is best if the truth threaten us so.

Can one who sees himself as a Father, THEE protector, ever see us as equals…true equals when the politics of this land are so ingrained in him, and we are but babes in his world of shadow? Could he ever hope to heed my words if he did not heed yours, the mighty keeper?

I have no doubt that Grey loves us in his own way, the best way he can…My old master used to travel between worlds, and learn from song and colorful amusements great lessons learned by others.

He told me of a song of love,by a great muse from another plane. He spoke of undying love for another to which he would do anything…save for one task left un named.

Grey fits this for me. I feel I may warn him, advise him to listen, and although Grey loves all of us and would he would do anything for love, but he won’t do that…Listen against his own council I mean to say.