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March 30, 2016 at 8:12 pm #1764

First, I would have you go to Grey, and find out if it is too late to call off his agents. If not, we shall have to deal with the fallout what may come.

Second, there is a great Library in Shen Ling I am told, which contains many old texts. There is a bit of a puzzle I have been trying to solve ever since you came back from Foothold, the place you went looking for your friend…Jamba was it?..At anyrate, I believe that place holds some historical significance. There is a reason why The bandit king sent others there, but there may even be something deeper about the place. You found a book there, that Akiba’s wizard had taken into the place, the book which led him there no doubt. I wish to see this book. Further…you are on good terms now with the Library of Shen Ling. There is a short list of books which I would be interested in reading if they are there. I suspect something, and I must study the past in order to prepare for the future.

Will you allow me to see the book Lao took to Foothold?
Will you help me to borrow a few books from the Library of Shen Ling?
Lastly, will you talk to Grey, and see if he is willing and able to un-kick the hornet’s nest?

I still believe if you would be willing to give up the bandit king’s Wizard, he would could be convinced to give up whoever it is Grey is trying to rescue.