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March 30, 2016 at 10:26 am #1760

Tell me what you would have me do. Traveling here in the first place was a perfunctory matter. I have struggled to fit in everywhere I have traveled, relying on others for protection while I adventure,in search of arcane advancements.

The burden of a wizard is not so different than that of a monk, or Cleric…we are both zealots only wizards worship the arcane. I have come to understand and respect the gods during my stay here, and that knowledge has enriched my life.

You have provided what I could not provide for myself…A sanctuary for peaceful study of powerful magic. I intend to use what I learn here to repay your kindness in anyway I can.

As for the paths that have been traveled against your council not to tread, I defer back to my previously mentioned situation.

My group that has caused you concern have protected me during my advancement, and in return I offer them my protection. These people who were once just a necessity, in time, have become my friends, and in many ways the only family I have ever had. Who else is going to keep them alive?

At this point I see much clearer the dangers in going off without council, and heeding the words of those to be trusted.

If you ask me I would inforce your will in these matters. I will defy you no more! As I have stated my companions have become family,I will no longer act as one repaying a debt. We give not to those so close and expect any return. We give to those we love without promise of return. I will no longer act out of a sense of duty. I will question the choices we all make, and trust your wisdom.

I cannot, more would I wish to control the actions of my company ,but I can control my own.

I owe some amount of loyalty for what you have done for me, and I pay my debts. Advise me. What would you have ME do?