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March 5, 2015 at 8:35 pm #1403

Grey does walk amongst the people of the Estate weaving in and around them speaking casually but striding ever forward towards the Manor.

Once inside the manor He swiftly begins stripping off his road clothes and equipment, dropping them at the feet of an exuberant Neff.
Promising his crystalline friend in low tones to come down and share stories of his adventures since they last saw each other.
To a shimmering ghostly Void, fading into view at his silent call, Grey asks her nicely to take care of his equipment and any equipment the others wish to leave in her care.

all the while Listening to the reports of His House Keepers,Old Chang and CHi Na Na. A silent Void hovering nearby.

Once finished and they begin to leave.

Grey steps quickly forward dropping one long fingered hand on Old Chang’s wiry shoulder stopping Him and His Wife, towering over the old couple by two and a half feet or so.

To Old Chang Grey Says ” Please see that these two” Grey points out Jhamba and Bren. before continuing “are settled with one of the Kinships and” Pointing to the old monk “Obada with Zeshin.”
Looking into Old Chang’s eyes Grey gives his loyal retainer’s shoulder a squeeze and nods his head in appreciation.

Before turning and dropping both hands on Cha na na’s husky shoulders. Grey solemnly bends forward and kisses her on the top of her head, pulls away, whispers to her “Thank You.” and graces her with a rare genuine smile, before turning away once more aloof and walking half way up the grand staircase. He stops and turns to look down on everyone.

“I will be in my room for the rest of the day. I will take my dinner there and a bath as well. I recommend you all do similar. I will see you for breakfast tomorrow. We should have much to discuss.” Grey bows and more or less runs out of view.