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March 5, 2015 at 2:08 pm #1401

Ok, To Evon’s to peak in, and then to the manor.

Evon is out, but you’re able to leave him a note before heading out to the manor.

It’s close to noon when you pass through the outer gates of Threnody estate. The people look up from their fields, cast down their tools and run towards the road ahead. By the time you reach the lane of towering trees that leads up to the big house, at least 50 are lined up on the road, looking eagerly towards you all, like a reception. They do not rush forward, or cheer, they wait patiently, smiles on their faces, some with tears in their eyes, standing in humility, in pride for the return of their lord. This is something new, since Littlemountain, they have come to see you differently Grey. Before you were the young Threnody, now you are their lord, and you’ve been gone longer than usual, some may have feared what may have happened to you. These people have worked this valley for more than a century. Without Threnody, they would be like so many other nozufoo, homeless, and cast out on the roads of Yunshan with nothing. Threnody is their home and refuge, their lives, and Grey, as it’s lord, is the embodiment, the personification of all of that hope and meaning.

It is at this moment Grey,you realize the aloofness with which some lords treat their servants does not always come from a place of vanity…all the selfish part of you would like to do is ignore them, come home and collapse in your bed. Whether you ignore these kind farmers and stroll proudly past them, simply tip your broad brimmed hat at them, or stop to acknowledge each one, you will at least have to answer to the house staff. To these people, you are the lion, the lord and protector.

To your surprise, the staff anticipates your travel weary state. They are calm, collected, quickly making last minute preparations in the rooms and then leaving you and your friends to rest up. Chi Na Na dotes over you a bit but Old Chang leads her way, still talking back at you over her shoulder, after leaving a tray of freshly brewed tea, and assuring you the rooms are ready, and baths are being drawn.

When you awake, there is a note slid under your door Grey. It is an urgent message with instructions to open right away.
It’s a simple hand written note sealed in wax. It reads:

We need to speak very soon. As few must know we meet as possible. I will wait on the bridge down the road from the gates of Threnody with a lantern tonight. Come to my light. All of you if you must, but discretely. We have a big issue to discuss.
Signed, D.L.