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March 5, 2015 at 10:58 am #1394

Your words fall profoundly on the woman, you talk for a long time, and she looks tired, but relieved by the time the talking is through. You bid Lady Mensheng A due, she tearfully thanks you, and you make arrangements to revisit the house and take stock of things soon, right now, you’re very tired but happy. You realize it is not often you are able to perform your duties of ministering. Your new friends rarely ask you for such help, but back in the day, your brothers of Krom, strong warriors who would not shed a tear at a funeral, would come to you broken down, with the things that haunted them, and you would heal there minds just a little, not with magic, but by listening. As you leave the garden to join your friends in the parlor, you quickly glance back to see Lady Mensheng in the garden, kneeling before the statue of Ki Lo Knee.

DM Says: Where to now. I’ll check here at noon to get a consensus among who can say, and then move on.