Ling “Little Bird”

2. Ling Little Bird

Ling presents Grey with last years financials and crop reports for Threnody Estate

Ling “Little Bird”, Assistant Warden and accountant of Threnody Estate

Like Chin, Ling grew up at Threnody tending the fields.  Greys father saw a penitent for numbers and organization in the boy, and offered to send him to accounting school to be paid in full by the estate.  Now he has graduated with honors, and has returned to Threnody to work for a while so he can build his resume.

Ling has brought new accounting techniques to the manor and Old Chang is ecstatic to have a new helper around.  Perhaps he hopes to retire one day and can only do so if he feels he’s found a proper replacement, or perhaps he just wishes to help Ling build up his skills and get an important job in Fanlu.