Outside the northern gates of Fanlu another small town is growing.  After the narrowly avoided disaster that was Laketown, The Brotherhood drastically slowed down the flow of immigrants allowed in Fanlu.  Every day dozens would arrive, who had left their homes and come with everything they had, all for a chance to live in Fanlu.  Many of these families where outcasts, thrown out of other settlements and forced to etch out meager existences in vulnerable villages in the wilderness of Fanlu.  This was their chance to build a new life, and maybe, just maybe, leave behind a better future for their children.  But hidden among these well-meaning poor, were all kinds of undesirables.  Demon blooded ruffians and Shape shifters from the Vine Tower Hills, looking to cause trouble.  Rival families of Bandits with ambitions of starting a thief’s cartel in Fanlu.  Spies and Provocateurs from Bartertown’s merchant families, looking to sabotage and gather information on the Brotherhood.

MarshThey arrived to find the gates shut.  Only those who showed perseverance, and good character over time would be allowed to join Fanlu’s citizenry.  Many turned away, but hundreds stayed.  The waiting list to even be considered was long, and not a priority for the Brotherhood.  Some wait years, and now there is a sizable encampment/village outside Fanlu’s northern gates.  This place is called Marshtown, and it is beginning to have all the problems Laketown did when it was first started.  The only difference is, the people in Marshtown are exceedingly poor, and vulnerable.  Order does not look like it’s coming to Marshtown without outside influence.