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July 5, 2016 at 4:57 pm #1870

The combatants squared up across the octagon, deathly still for moments. Nothing but the flickering of the firelight and the gentle breeze. Clouds swirled overhead, fire flies buzzed brightly by. The chanting of Brother Zun blending in and around and through the natural world.
With a mighty roar, unsheathing both gleaming blades in one magnificent sweep Hrothgar hurtled across the clearing, Brother K’ni impassive. Settles and balanced as Hrothgar hurtled with the might of an approaching avalanche towards him. Hrothgar the wind rushing by swords balanced lightly in his strong hands despite their size, every step balanced and precisely timed to bring him perfectly to his foe.
His foe who stepped within the reach of Hroth’s giant blades and punched him in the sternum cracking armor. K’ni flipping his Sai’s, previously held close against his inner forearms out to swivel left and right. Effortlessly disarming the dumbfounded Hrothgar, leaving Hroth’s magnificent blades clattering across the ground. Before with a swift precision kick to the Warriors leading right knee K’ni knocked the charging warrior to the ground. With contemptuous ease he spun around again and brought one swift fist down onto prone Hroth’s chest again with a resounding crack, before stepping back perfectly poised again.
Determinedly, Hroth reached out for his precious blades, enduring the ferocious onslaught of kicks, punches and disarming Sai’s. Even when the shadowy K’ni burst into a frenetic pace far beyond a normal man’s abilities raining attacks down upon the struggling Hroth cracking armor and battering the great Hroth.
Keeping a firm grip upon his weapons Hroth endured, push on rising to one knee, heroically he began to swing, bringing the fight back to the powerful dark monk, scoring powerful but glancing hits upon the swift monk. Glacially reversing the Monk’s almost insurmountable advantage, battered and bloody despite Brother Zun’s powers Hrothgar persevered, with a wordless cry he managed to sweep the dominant Brother K’ni up in a desperate but glorious wall of blades, barely laying the ferociously focused monk low as Hrothgar stood. Beaten but victorious!
There is silence in the clearing for a moment, broken only by the heavy breathing of the stilled combatants. There is faint clapping from the side lines and roars of Krom’s approval but the two fighters hear none of it over their own breathing and the rush of blood throughout their bodies.
Hrothgard twirls his huge blades above his head and sheaths them upon his broad back, never breaking eye contact with the kneeling monk. Hroth then extended one hand, still shaky from battle and the after effects of adrenaline surge, to K’ni to help the battered monk to his feet, both knowing that K’ni does not need the help but both respecting the gesture.
K’ni took Hroth’s hand and rose, a little cautious, keeping eye contact with the southerner the whole time. Still he was caught off guard when Hroth swept the gangly monk up in a huge bear hug of appreciation.
“That was the hardest fought dual I have ever participated in. Gratitude. My respects to you, Brother.” Hrothgard softly said, His deep voice heavy with sincerity, to the apprehensive monk as Hroth released his grasp, then placed a fist against his palm in front of him, and bowed before the great monk.
“Thank you Hrothgard. That was the finest duel I have had. I have learned much from our battle.” The Dark monk whispers slowly. Turning his head to look over to Grey and Stern for a moment or two, before bowing low and long to Hrothgard. Straightening He whispers “Good night, Warrior.” And steps backwards out of the octagon into the shadows and simply vanishes.