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July 3, 2016 at 7:06 pm #1856

You spend the rest of that morning lounging around in the cabin, it is good to be away from everything you have accrued over your time in Yun Shan. Not a single pressing notion or concern. Just relaxing the morning away. Caris eventually gets up and makes everyone a yummy breakfast. Everyone even skips their usual daily rituals, Weapons practice, prayer or study. To just simple exist in the peaceful clearing. The smell of the huge pines, the swaying of Cassiel’s small garden, butterflies and puff balls floating through the sunlight glade. Critters scampering around in the forest, the birds chirping and the sun shining warm through the cool breeze.
Later in the afternoon, you wander through the woods around the clearing. Seeing the animal paths as well as manmade stone markers here and there, eroded by time. Also here and there in the woods strange fetishes hang from the lower tree branches or are tied to low shrubs, their purpose unknown. There are times when your peaceful perambulations are halted as you feel yourselves being watched but without malice or evil intent, sometimes you even sense curiosity.
You return to the cabin before the sun sets to settle in for the evening, Hrothgar volunteering to make dinner that night. As the sun sets and the shadows fall, you cannot help but tense just a bit, even after the day you have had and the feeling of security in the humble cabin. It is just who you are now, it is the subtle change life on the fringes of civilization has wrought in you all, some more so than others.
Which is not to say that the jokes and laughter do not ring out loudly from the open door to the cabin as you enjoy your feast and southern Ale. You are after all heroes, each a monumental bad ass in your own right but when combined with the others in your merry group you become truly mighty.
You stay up long into the night, sipping your drinks and letting the fire go low, and talking in low voices of your designs on the future, slowly relaxing into slumber.