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July 1, 2016 at 10:40 am #1854

Laying back on the floor hands behind his head staring up into the rafters. Stern begins to speak

“In any other circumstance you would be right Caris. Imagine if you will, you have been somewhere for so long that what was once foreign to you, is now your daily norm. You lost your connection to Elhonna for longer than you can remember, then one day a great priestess walks up to you and you can start to feel that connection coming back. Then you are offered to come home and join others in your faith, to teach the ways you were taught. Would you take the opportunity? Would you not have things that maybe you have to settle before you leave? We as adventurers have barely just learned what it is to call a place home. Cassiel has settled here in this one place for countless years.”

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