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June 30, 2016 at 7:20 pm #1852

The next morning you all wake, though having slept in a pile on Cassiel’s floor you feel as rested as if you had slept in your own beds after a quiet night. Instead of the rip roaring barn storming riot that was last night. Oh you are all still a bit groggy but from deep sleep not deep drinking.
Caris you prop yourself up on one elbow and look over the curve of Grognak’s back to see a splendidly armored Cassiel quietly stuffing things into a beaten up old back pack. Roused by the wakefulness of one of the pile, the rest of you rise up or roll over to regard Cassiel. A big smile on his face.
“Wait here, relax. I have to go tidy some things up and I will be back tomorrow morning.” With that he slings his pack hefts his axe and strides out the door whistling, stopping just past the threshold to poke his head back in and nod smiling “Krom be with you.” Then he is gone, you can hear him whistling for a while in the distance.