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June 26, 2016 at 1:23 pm #1851

Somberly he says“All our welcome in My house Lady, if you can cross the threshold”,he finishes with a wink.
“Even skinny up tight casters”He drops a beefy hand on Grognak’s shoulder as Grog walks up“and tree hugging Unicorn kissers.” Laughing boisterously, He goes to drop his other hand on Caris’ shoulder, then thinks better of it dropping into a low comical bow.
Now tell me,”He asks rubbing his hands together and smiling, once everyone is in the cabin,Who here knows how to cook?

The rest of that day revolves around cooking and of course drinking,with real home brewed southern ale, none of that watery crap you have to drink up here. Everyone pitching in cooking, arguing about the best ways to do things, general chaos in the kitchen but having a blast doing it. Telling tales and boasting of exploits long into the night.