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May 27, 2016 at 3:18 pm #1817

…And since no one else seems to have anything to say…

It would seem you have all agreed to take a trek north and east, deeper into mysterious Yunshan, to investigate this Kromian omen, and seek the fate of Grey’s missing agent.

With more than half the day gone it seems prudent to leave in the morning and get a fresh start. Though very much has happened for all of you in the past half year, you feel a strange feeling in your bodies. For some it is a knot in the stomach, for others, a tingling, and for some a lightness in the head, and for yet others, a kind of cool focus on something distant that you can’t define, that seems to draw your attention away from what’s in front of you. However it is for you, some time that night as you are sharing drink before a roaring fireplace after dinner, it hits you. You know this feeling. This is the feeling of adventure about to unfold.