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May 26, 2016 at 5:11 pm #1808

Grey holds up his hands, counting out the days on his slim fingers,
An easy Seven days away, three north and four east.
From Fan Lu up to The Former Fire pine Pagoda, i am sure you all remember that momentous place.
From the Fire Pine to the Four Warlords ruin is another day, after the ruins we stay on the white road of only about a half a day before we turn east and across to the town of Injuki. A small settlement.
After Injuki we continue east to the bustling town of Blue Bayou. A swamp town built on stilts, famous for its parties, jambalaya, a great stone bridge and and its great ferries that take people across the waters north to Barter Town.
After that though it is two full days and night in the wild before we reach Tsurui village.
This all of course barring side tracks, weather and other issues that may slow us.