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“Exactly,” Grey says snapping his fingers and smiling,“Thus did i take upon myself to test the authenticity of this story. By dispatching one of My Black Jackets to check the veracity of this story, this village near the Ji Jiang shrine and find out has much as She could about this man in the clearing. This could at worst be a trap, a diversion, or just a hoax. Which is not to say that this might be not be the real deal.” Grey puts his hand out to encompass the room “You have lived here in Yun Shan long enough to know that simply strange things happen.”
Grey pulls his hands back resting them one atop the other on his desk,
“There are, however, a few t hings that bother me about this. First and foremost one of My own has not returned. Not usually something for alarm given the world we live in but still I personally sent Chayn for a reason and she has not made contact or returned, I am responsible. I would know here fate.” Leaning back in his chair Grey finishes “Second, Yes, it is know that you have sent for assistance from the followers of Krom in the south.” Grey purposefully repeats himself “In the south.”Leaning forward to regard Stern.“This strange occurrence is North and east of us. Closer to the heart of Yun Shan and correspondingly further from the influence of foreign gods. Thus making this event even less credible or even more portentous depending on your view.”