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May 3, 2016 at 8:27 am #1786

Heroes…” Hrothgard repeats with a smile, leaning back and kicking up his feet a bit. “Heroes are a mere matter of opinion, good sir. A hero to one is a villain to another. But Heroes, we have been called, yes.

Hrothgard takes a long breath, slowly nodding, and sipping from his flask. “But yes, the rumors you speak of… are sadly true. Plenty of activity recently. Many big battles we’ve been in of late,” he pauses for a moment. “More than any of us would like, I’m sure.”

But the true hero of late…” Hroth continues “is this beautiful lady with me.” He smiles proudly over to Caris. “She deserves the lions share of the credit...” he beams at her, knowing he’s putting her on the spot.