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“So you are heroes eh?”

Bo speaks as he lights the pipe and hands it to Caris with a smile and a nod

“Is it true all this I hear about war bands tromping through the hills in these parts? Bugbears and goblins and giants on the move again?”

Evon leans back in a old wicker rocking chair, it is a relaxed, almost slouched posture you realize you have never seen him in before. It looks strange on the dignified Half elf. He regards the two of you with interest, as if eager to hear what you will say, as one who is new to the story, and you realize, since you returned from Shen Ling several weeks back, the two of you have not spoken very much at all to Evon about what happened. There was the madness and fanfare of your return, and then it seemed like everyone became so busy.