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April 24, 2016 at 9:28 am #1779

One does not simply meet with White Carp. Should White Carp need to speak with you, he will arrange the meeting on his terms, but, if you wish to meet with him, I can make that known, and I can make known other messages you might wish to pass along.

In these parts, I am, how do the southern merchants put it…his point of contact

So now we have shared things of importance over Saki. You have bared your intentions to me, and I have shown you some of my past. It is a fine first meeting for you and I. We should not be greedy…and I have drunk quite a bit…even for me. I welcome you to stay and enjoy whatever comforts we have as our guest before you go into the night, or take your leave as you wish. I will not read into it of take offense at either choice.

But I have some matters I must attend to. Before I leave you, is there any particular matter you wish to discuss?