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April 4, 2016 at 9:52 pm #1770

Grey leans back in his chair, by all appearances relaxed and comfortable.
I have told you about myself, though I am sure you know more of me than what I have just told.

Who are you Gill?

I came here in peace, I waited patiently to be seen. A pretty young woman comes to escort me to this spot, a woman who knows who I am. Then you appear… Is this usual for you? Or is this a special occasion.
Grey leans forward again.
I am a driven person, Friend Gill, Grey pauses at the word Friend Friend? Another form of title Grey smiles at this before continuing I came here this evening to see for myself, to gather with my own senses a feel for the intentions of the stalwart and esteemed Fisher Folk. Even going so far as to belive that somehow I may be granted an audience with the venerable White Carp,
The Lord of the Fishermen

Grey gives a small bemused smirk as he uses the title “Lord”, with a small nod of deference towards Gill on the subject of titles.