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March 30, 2016 at 11:03 pm #1768

“Perhaps in some circles, but down here near the docks, we like honesty. Frankly, I find a forthright conversation to be invigorating. It’s only a sort with a bit of rebellion in their blood who will live this close to water. Everyone in laketown is at least a little..unconventional. Fanlu itself is unconventional, a novelty of a new age..a town sprung up in unclaimed land, free, and beholden to no particular clan or king. Perhaps Fanlu and other towns like it will be the new way of the world? But no, I do not find your manner off putting.”

He pauses to down his cup and then refills both, 2 pours…he is signaling there is no more need for formality, and that friendship is a possibility.

“Perhaps we are both saying the same thing in different ways. That is, we love our town. To Fanlu!” and he raises his glass in a toast and downs it.