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Taking a sip and saluting Gill I celebrate your wisdom Sir. Though I do not agree with your learned assessment of our people.
Placing his cup back down, em passion ed Grey gestures wide No one here is common from the lowest of the nozufoo to the most pious of holy men. To come to Yun shan, to live in Fan Lu is extraordinary. The interference of spirits not withstanding, the people here are unique, hardy, amazing. With or without the aid of other realms. The people built this place, the people survived and thrive. Sure, they had help, my family amongst others, against all the evil and madness this world hurls this way, they, we, have done this. This place is special beyond words and precious beyond wealth.
Calming himself, Grey continues As for titles, in general they are usually just that words, most often self given. I am Grey. I am Grey Threnody. Grey is the name i chose when I was old enough, a necessity to hide ones true name from all but the closest of people.
Threnody is my parents name, few have ever even asked what it actually means, to me I honor my parents by using it and upholding it. It is not the name of a noble house.
My father was a landless explorer from the south , my mother a….slave from here in Yun shan.
Together, with others, they became hero’s. They fought against the dark. For this and much more do I honor them.

Here he pauses to pour out a measure of saki to the floor in honor of his lost family.
Before looking Gill straight in the eyes,
as for the title given to me by the people of Threnody estate “Lord” I really care not, it is but a word and that word is unimportant to me.
It is the….. respect inherent in that word that I bow before, the unspoken bond between us that I will never betray, never let them down, to strive always to do right by them. With my dying breath I would seek to aid them, protect them, be there for them…and by extension the people of Fan Lu. They honor me and my family with their esteem, their reverence.
Thus do I pay then back in kind, with my esteem, reverence and yes even love.

Grey finishes his drink, absolutely calm and composed after his honest passionate speach.
With a wry grin, he slides his cup forward to be refilled,…was that the reaction you expected Sir. I have been told my honesty and straight forwardness can be a bit off putting.