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March 30, 2016 at 8:31 pm #1765

“I will call you “Big”, and you Beautiful” he smiles at Caris.

He begins packing his pipe with a fragrant herb.

“Tell me Evon, why on earth have you walked these two fine young ones out here to my shack when there’s so much else to do in town? What use can an old fart like me be to them?”

“I brought them here for your Wisdom of course.”

A look of disbelief spreads across the old mans face.

“Wisdom?! Your the one who lives in a damned palace! If you want to end up old and alone in a shack, working way too hard for your age, and taking care of a damn worthless dog because you’ve really got nothing else to do with yourself, than by all means, listen to my “wisdom”! Wisdom my ass, you brought them here for the finest smoke in Fanlu! That’s why you brought them! Well my younglings, gird your lungs, and prepare to not be disappointed…though I do have to warn you, once you’ve shared a pipe with bo, you might just find yourself wondering back through these trees again looking for another go…you know, I can be damned charming, downright entertaining once a few puffs of this has dulled your wits enough…you may even mistake something that comes out of my mouth as wisdom.”

He smiles a warm grin, directed at the end of the long wooden pipe he’s packing.

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