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March 27, 2016 at 11:35 am #1759

Grey rises from his chair as the man enters, giving the fellow an appropriate bow, before Grey removes his hat and jacket, placing both on the back of his chair before sitting back down.
Correct, I am Grey.
I have seen little of your establishment but I have no doubt that it is like it’s people; sturdy and respectable with a fine honerable history.

Grey places both hands upon the table palms up, as the man places the bottle and cups.
Then swiftly before the fellow can react, Grey gracefully grabs the bottle pops the cork and pours the saki into the cups,his motions fluid, filling them each in three even pours.
He could have done it in one pour each but that would have been to quick,in too much of a hurry and frankly bad form. Two pours each would have been totally appropriate for a normal situation but give the import of the moment Grey chose the more exacting three pours each. Leaving each cup equal and avoiding a four pour, as four is and unlucky number, being the word Shi, which closely resembles the word for Death.
So in this action he is showing his respect and his understanding of tradition as well as adding gravity by skirting death.
Stone faced Grey finishes and allows the man to choose his cup before speaking,
Thank you, and Who do I have the pleasure of drinking with?