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March 27, 2016 at 10:33 am #1758

He nods in acknowledgement and leads you to a corner of the common room that is sectioned off from the rest by a curtain of beads for privacy, and sits you at a very fine table of dark wood.

“Thank you for what you did In Littlemountain” She coyly adds, as she backs out of the beads without giving you much chance to respond.

There is a little side hallway that leads out of this curtained area and deeper into the building. It is from this hall a man emerges after a few moments, carrying a clay pitcher of saki on a tray with two cups.

“Grey Threnody I presume? Our humble house does not often have the honor to serve landed gentry… I hear you are a man who often walks among the people? I hope our humble establishment does not fail your expectations” His tone is sincere but there is a casual hint to it, of, mocking? Is he mocking you, or himself, or merely trying to be personable, you’re not sure?