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The room seems to take a breath as those who notice you enter grow silent, but there are enough people who didn’t notice you enter, who continue about there business, that it is a subtle drop in volume. When you lean against the wall, for a few moments you get the sense that all eyes are upon you, but then, after a few moments, it is the opposite. It is as if everyone in the place is avoiding looking at you. You wonder if this is a sign of respect of disrespect. Whatever it is, it is some kind of decorum. It is too consistent to not be purposeful. No one is looking at you, not a single soul..and then you see her.

The Woman

A young woman in a simple, but elegant gown is walking directly at you, directly in the line of your vision. Even as the rest of the room continues to ignore your presence, she alone seems to acknowledge you in fullness. At two arms length she pauses and performs a practiced curtsy.

“Humbly I ask, that I might provide… does the handsome master come to parlay, drink, or do both this evening?”

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