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March 26, 2016 at 9:12 am #1745

The Anglers Line is in North Laketown. Across the street from some decrepit old warehouses. It’s a big grey building, 3 stories high, with heavy shutters and a drab, weathered exterior. The Eves of the covered patio that surrounds the first floor are sagging, and if the place didn’t look so sturdy, one might assume it could fall down at any moment.

It’s the biggest building in this little area and sticks out as such. It was probably once a boarding house for people first moving into Fanlu, but now it is a grand old tavern and saki house.

Outside the streets are quiet, but the open windows that ring the 2nd floor are alive with light and silhouettes, and voices spill out into the night. The Anglers line, though still from the outside, is alive with activity inside. There’s a pair of saloon style swinging doors that leads into the front of the place. A single figure smokes a pipe while leaning up against it. You’re not sure if he’s spotted you.

What do you do?