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March 25, 2016 at 11:29 pm #1743

Grey stands slowly, steely eyes locked on Grognaks.
Thank you for your candor Wizard and your time.
Grey gives a short bow to the seated man before turning abruptly about face, settling his hat just right on his head and stalks from the library.
Stopping for only a moment about half way to the great doors.
Bringing his left hand out to his side and snapping his fingers.
At which point Grognak feels the rush of displaced air upon his left cheek as Black Stone zooms out from behind Grognak’s head and across the distance to Grey in an ebony blur.
To alight gently on Grey’s forearm.
Then Grey continues out from the great library, it’s huge double doors opening before him, the bright afternoon sunlight dazzling engulfing him in its radiance,erasing his slim silhouette from the squinting Grognak’s view, before the heavy doors swing shut, leaving the Wizard to ponder in the quiet shadowed library.