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March 25, 2016 at 6:08 pm #1735

The Nightwatchman nods as he takes one more puff of his pipe. You can swear you see the smoke around him playing out in the vague shapes of dragons without ever becoming them. You both part ways, walking opposite directions down the lonely gravel road.


You pause on the road as the watchman speaks his last words for the night, uttered over his shoulder in a gravely voice as his silent strides carry him away.

“It is not only the bad who have noticed you…Not only you who walk the path…You do not bare the burden alone..others walk the night in silent accord”

He then walks off into the mists.

You realize you could just walk into the Anglers Line tonight, the large tavern said to be the place the Fishermen hold up. It would be a bold move to just walk in..or you could send word and await an invite. Either way, you think contacting them and testing the waters should be your next move. What will you do?