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March 25, 2016 at 7:58 am #1731

As Hrothgard walks away from his home and begins down the hill, he stops, turns, and smiles at his place. A place where he can feel at one with the great mountain. Where he can also look over Fan Lu as the Great Fang Quiang does. Where Hrothgard’s own spirit can bond all the more with that of the Great Spirit of the Mountain… perhaps his spirit will becaome a part of the Spirit of the Mountain? He chuckles to himself a bit and shakes his head at his boyish dreaming then turns and heads down the road, into the large city.

He is stopped and greeted by a few passers-by who Hrothgard always stops and speaks to; answering questions of his new rock-home on the mountain and of his groups many great victories. One barkeep brings him in for a few drinks on the house, just to have him in his establishment. He is sometimes treated as a celebrity now… and he relishes in it!

He finally makes it to his destination – to the the cottage they all share that Evon allowed them to live in. He spots Caris and Evon there and he smiles as he approaches them.

Hroth! We were just discussing marriage! Come. Join us.” Evon says. Hrothgard jokingly backs away from the conversation to a round of laughter as Caris rises and greets him with a hug and a kiss. “What brings you down?” she asks him.

I felt like I needed a night out on the town. A night with people and conversation… and drink!” he laughs. “...and… I could use a good date and a great guide...” he says with a wink to them both.