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March 24, 2016 at 6:51 pm #1730

Caris sits back and regards Evon over her cup of fragrant tea. She looks around the beautiful gardens and levels her eyes at him. “It is quite overwhelming, Evon.” taking a small sip from her cup, “For years I’ve only known the love and affection that I received from my comrades. We are so very close… closer than some might think is appropriate.”

This causes a grin to spread over her face as she remembers the look of many an inn keeper that rented her group just one room to share for the night.

“Now to find Shen Ling and it’s people, I feel such a bond to everything and everyone… and it’s a mutual bond to be sure…well,” she pauses and her gaze moves to the vibrant flowering array behind Evon’s right shoulder, she appears to be lost in a memory for a moment, “He…he…was a surprise.”

Caris felt her cheeks flush at the thought of him, she attempted to put her cup down and almost spilled her tea as she missed the saucer. Clearing her throat, she squared her shoulders and looked again at Evon. “I do believe I love this man. As far as marriage is concerned, he has not asked me… but I would consider it. I do not take this sort of thing lightly. There are things…we’d have to discuss first.”