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March 20, 2016 at 11:20 am #1720

There is one more thing Grey. Evon consulted me on something you found beneath a tavern in Lake town…a circle of summoning, protected by spirit blooded thugs…probably also Black Vine cohorts…and a demon to go with it no less.

The uneducated call all things that rattle the doors at night demons. They have the luxury of ignorance because those like us know and deal with the truth for them. True demons, true Oni, true devils are rare and telling of deeper evils.

It had to have been Wujen work. There is an ancient spell that is known to few, more a ritual really. When done proper it creates a small circle into which the spirits cannot see or sense, a place where magic can be worked unseen. I have seen the circle you found, and it is such a creation. It is the only way a Wujen can work powerful magic within our walls without attracting the attention of the Sleeping Mountain.

Perhaps this Wujen was in league with the Black Vines, perhaps an angry disciple of Akiba who yet lives and meddles. Perhaps you have already sent them running, but such magic allows for the darkest kinds of subterfuge to be carried out unseen beneath our feet, and if the Wujen who made that circle still stalks our streets or hides in the catacombs below, we must remain vigilant.
Have you any idea who might have made that circle?