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After nodding his head in greeting, Grey stands, gauntleted hands clasped behind his back listening impassive before the Night watchman, obviously attentive in spirit, but aloof of posture. When the Watchman finishes Grey brings his hands around before him and together, bowing to the wise watchman.
“Peace is best maintained when boundaries are respected”, Great Watchman your wisdom and my thoughts are matched horses in this regard. I appreciate your time and effort, I will always respond to your call and i will ever welcome your wisdom should you wish to share it with me. Grey bows again deeper this time, respect evident in his poise.
Straightening and turning to look off towards Threnody Grey continues Amongst other interests, I have already begun solidifying alliances with the Brotherhood. I see the wisdom in doing the same with the Fisher folk, I will seek an audience with White Carp. Some of my Black Jackets are fisher folk, I will ask them to see what can be done in this regard. It is my hope that we can, with the aid of others see Fan Lu bloom.