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December 11, 2015 at 7:25 pm #1681

“Lady” You feel a presence behind you, like a wave of heat through your body just as you hear the voice of Daidoji. He is closer now than you realized, a step behind you among all the dancing revelers.

Lay Yu Whirls you away and around so that you can see him over her shoulder, and turns her own head back his way.

“Which one of us are you addressing Handsome sir?” and she playfully kicks at his high black boots with her velvet slippers as she dances, whipping her head back to you with a mischievous grin, she spins the two of you another time with the precision of an expert dancer, so that your back is facing the Lord of Shen Ling again.

“He’s blushing, I’m trying to save him some face” , she whispers in your ear
“…we have names brother, or are we two beautiful maids only worthy of “Lady”, and she imitates his deep, measured voice with a playful grin, looking over your shoulder at him. You can feel him just a foot behind you and he finally laughs at his sisters jabs, exasperated.

“That’s all I wanted brother, loosen up! You have lorded these past weeks as much as a man might lord, time to just be a man at a dance! Miss Ambrodel, I believe this man is trying to ask you to a dance, will you accept?”