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December 11, 2015 at 12:21 pm #1677

Caris, you spot Daidoji watching you from the great table up on the stage, a boyish smile on his face and a look of wonder in his eyes. He rises and strides across the stage and down the steps into the crowd where all the dancing is happening. You can feel him coming for you, even when you lose sight of him in the crowd. All along the way he is stopped by grateful citizens, allies and friends. Ten minutes pass, seeming to drag on.

Not far from you at all, he’s accosted by a young raven haired girl of maybe 6 yrs age, who he scoops up in his arms and begins to dance with as he winds his way closer to you, seemingly completely at home in the press of his people. He flashes you a smile from across perhaps 30 ft of crowded dance floor, slowly making his way closer.

Suddenly your view is blocked as Lay Yu interposes her smiling face in front of yours.
“What on earth are you looking at Caris!” She says in tone like she already knows the answer.
“If I’m to play the role of the male in this dance, I can’t lead if you’re staring off instead of following!”