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“I know your there Grey.” claims Grognak nonchalantly still reading from the tome open before him in the great library of Shin Ling.

“Of course you do.” Murmurs Grey as he moves from the shadows of one of the library stacks just behind Grognak. Dressed in his usual great coat and his wide brimmed hat held lightly in one gauntleted hand.

“I could have incinerated you, turned you to nothing more than ash in an instant had I so desired.” Grognak quips agitatedly, at his slowly moving Moon elven comrade, as Grey comes to stand before the desk Grognak has claimed for his studies this afternoon.

“No, you would not have.” Grey states matter-of-factly, wearily even, settling into the rickety chair before the desk, slowly rolling the brim of his hat through his fingers.

Affronted as usual, Grognak sits back, squaring his shoulders and starts into his trademark blustering “Ye…”

Grey looks up into Grognak’s eyes stopping the blustering Evoker cold. Grey’s Steely eyes meeting Grognak’s mismatched eyes. (Right blue left grey)
Grognak glimpses something in Grey’s normally unreadable eyes and expression. Something the argumentative wizard has never seen before, a true depth of emotion and turmoil previously unknown to the wise wizard.

“Stop.” Grey states flatly, “Just stop it man. I did not come here to fight. I am tired of the incessant needling and posturing.” Grey looks away, out into the dusty library. “I came to ask a question. It is an important question. One that only you in all your mighty intellect can answer. Only you have the faculties and the wisdom to discover the answer.”

Intrigued, and a bit off put by Grey’s strange behavior, Grognak leans forwards steepling his dexterous fingers before his face and says semi-haughtily “Yes?”

Grey turns and looks the wizard straight in the eyes and asks “What do you want Wizard? What is your goal in this life? Power? Fortune? What is it you desire from your future? Where do you go from here?” Grey leans back straight faced as his words sink into the proud Wizard.

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