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December 10, 2015 at 7:17 pm #1665

Hrothgard continues merely staring blankly… drunkenly for a moment. His head falling as if struggling to stay awake. He stares… and stares… for a few long, quiet, even awkward moments.

BAHAHAHAHA!” The large warrior finally lets out a huge belly laugh.

You, my friend… are… without any doubt… the strangest and most entirely interesting man I’ve ever known!” He laughs more. “Usually you speak not much more to me then ‘leave me be’ or ‘leave the speaking to those more enriched with in the art.‘” he laughs doing his best Grey impression… albeit not a very good one. “Yet now, here we sit… together… late… drunk!” he laughs “and these heartfelt questions of life’s journeys arise.” he says with another laugh. Grey’s face never changing. Merely allowing the warrior his moment to put his thoughts to words.

Hrothgard stares off at the fire again. His laughter subsiding. The smile fading from his face. A look of true honest thought crossing his brows. Another long moment of silence. This time not nearly as awkward.

There is not much that I want for, brother.” Hrothgard begins in a low, calm voice. Sounding perfectly sober now. “People strive for love. I’ve all the love I need with my family. My companions.” he pauses. “As for… more… physical love… I see no shortage of that either.” he says with a shrug. “People strive for riches. I’ve no need for anything beyond comfort. Gold does not interest me much beyond its necessity.” he says still looking straight forward to the fire, pausing and shrugging.

To leave this world a better place when I someday exit from it, than I found it upon my entrance…” He nods slowly. “That. That my brother… is what I wish for. To be known as one who helped the lands. As one who lived boldly so that others may live freely. To be known as one who stood for what was good and right… To be… known.” He looks to Grey now. “That is all. To have my stories be told… and in good light. To have young boys say they wish to someday be like the Warrior, Hrothgard Skaldurr… and to have those words fall on welcomed ears of their parents. This is all I can ask to achieve from my time here, my brother…” he concludes, staring to Grey, nodding his head slightly.