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December 10, 2015 at 4:16 pm #1655

Sharn dances up beside Hroth and Shanzee, his long blond hair tossing leaping up from his shoulders as he makes the various spirited jumps of the jig. He’s taken an old woman as a partner, who seems every bit as quick as him.

Sharn and Sheal Hathanil

“Shanzee you charmer! you say you are but humble monk yet you’ve stolen money from me again with your wits!”

Meanwhile his dark haired sister Sheal looks on from a bench were she sits, still clutching a clay cup. everyone quickly notices the dancing warrior. Of your group, grey is the first to spot Hroth tearing it up with the locals, then Caris, from her vantage high up at the lords table finds her jaw dropping, distracted from a very intense conversation with Lay Yu, as she notices Hroth dancing in the background and realizes her jaw has dropped at the sight of the huge warrior dancing a jig and doing a fine job at it.

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