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It does not matter precisely when the following events occur. Assume they happen in the days soon after the defeat of Grimeye. You’ve been spending your days as you wish, and staying at the Shrine of the Golden Lady. There is a section for each of you but I’m chaining these all together here, so feel free to read through the whole thing and then respond when you’ve reached the part that applies to you! Just picture all these scenes happening “Tarrantino” style, not necessarily in order but all related, and you get to watch them all. Have fun!

It is early morning, on a secluded river bank near Shen Ling. A robed Stern kneels before his make shift alter. A crimson glowing pile of coals with his magnificent axe Sunder stuck handle down in the middle forming the holy symbol of Krom. He kneels, freshly shaven head bowed, massive hands clasped before him, his ivory robes pulled taut over his colossal shoulders.

He hears the light crunch of someone walking up the bank towards him but doesn’t look up, he knows the sound of that tread, the cadence of the gliding walk, the slight rasp of mithril steel gauntlets on a worn leather great coat, the swish of a foreign pistol loose in its leather holster.

The nimble steps proceed right up to Stern’s right side, then the crunch as Stern’s friend kneels down beside him. Without looking up Stern smiles speaking lightly to his comrade

“Come to pray with me Brother?”

This is met with the same old brief chuckle as their normal banter plays itself out again for the umteenth time.

“You know I don’t pray Brother, let alone to Krom. I have no tongue for it.”

Grey says smiling over at Stern who answers as always

“So you say. Though, I believe differently, for every enemy slain, every foul creature crushed before you is a prayer to Krom, Lord of Battles.”

Finishes Stern, smiling bringing his head up to regard his friend. Looking over at the pale patrician features of Grey, the smoke from the burning coals drifting between them and the dull burble of the river beyond, intuitive Stern lays a massive hand on his friend’s slight shoulders and asks

“What troubles you?”

“I am alright my friend” Grey assures Stern reaching up to pat the mighty hand on his shoulder with his decidedly smaller one. “I am merely in a contemplative mood this morning and have a question for you.”

Stern raises one arched eyebrow and sits back on his haunches regarding Grey.
Grey continues looking out over the river

“What do you want now Brother? What do you desire from life ahead? Where do you want to go? What would you choose for your future?”

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