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December 6, 2015 at 12:46 am #1613

Some beings do not see the world as we do, and I imagine good and evil mean very little if you’ve been locked up in a cave for hundreds of years. Perhaps the creature was slightly mad…I’ve heard long lived creatures sometimes have problems keeping their minds intact for as long as their bodies remain alive.

Very few know of the gates here, and now you all do. There are a few of them, one at the Unicorn Spring, another below the monastery. They are very old, and kept secret, hardly ever used. That key, the key of the Golden Lady, was hidden in plain sight for a long time. Somehow Grimeye’s servants found out about it, but Daki was able to hide it in the well before they could discover it. Had you not saved her, we might have assumed Grimeye had claimed it, and you would not have been able to bypass his armies and jump straight into the monastery, to free the Unicorn right under his nose!

Grimeye always knew we possessed a key, and that’s why he’s always come looking. Such a gate, in the hands of a warlord, would allow soldiers to be moved hundreds of miles in an instant. We rarely use it, and we keep it secret, because Grimeye is not the only one who would seek it. Such gates are coveted by many, and it would bring trouble down upon us…better to let the one lie in darkness, and the other to be taken as a holy site, well, it is a holy site, but first, long ago, it was a gate. It could have taken you many places you know? It was Ehlonna’s will, a minor miracle of sorts, that if took you exactly where you needed to go.