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December 4, 2015 at 7:29 pm #1608

Oh..oh dear…that’s a rather difficult question to answer…

He stares off into the fire for a moment.

You know, I spend so much time taking care of the books that it’s been some time since I’ve even been able to read one! And you can imagine how busy I’ve been since the Nightwalker returned, and there will be ceremonies and commemorations and such to officiate in the aftermath for, well, months..I suppose in good time I’ll be able to finally spend some time curling up to a good book again.

Tonight is a bit of an indulgence to me. You are the most interesting people in Shen Ling, and I have you all to myself. I pretend to shield you from the adoration of the people and here I keep you hostage to myself:) I really don’t usually stay up this late, but I feel like a youngling again, you’re all so interesting…oh, I’ve gotten off topic haven’t I?

Yes, favorite book, well, it comes and goes. The last book I was enthralled by was one called “The Wizards Behind the Rebellion. It’s sort of a rogues gallery, a collection of essays on the various powerful wizards who were influential in the fight against Leioki. It presents itself as non fiction, and it does contain a great deal of fact, but the writer does take some liberty’s. For instance, he suggests the Order of the Scrolls were actually a good hearted society of wizards who protected the world from leioki’s final curse, where as it’s generally excepted they were really an order that went rogue and terrorized Yunshan in the century that followed the rebellion, especially after the first Shinto King disbanded all the wizardly orders. It’s a fascinating read, I’ve always been curious about wizards and arcane magic…

He glances at Grognak.

And then there’s “Yunshan from a Distance” It’s an illuminated folio of maps, of exquisite beauty. The author, or cartographer rather, claims he spent 20 years producing the so called flawless maps while sitting upon a cloud and looking down! The author claims to be Bolin, god of the winds and bandits…it’s a beautiful book, though I doubt it is the work of a god, else I’d probably have it on display in the shrine somewhere.