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December 4, 2015 at 4:10 pm #1606

Hundreds of years ago, Shen Leng was founded by refugees of the great rebellion against Leoki. They came from a great city called Lu min, whose ruins lie to the south. Lu Min was the first great city in Yun Shan to join the rebellion and rise up against Leioki. It was the first foothold the rebels gained in this land, and Leioki never forgot this.

Leokei unleashed a terrible magic, a gigantic worm, as high as a mighty city wall and a mile long, was summoned from the abyss to destroy Lu Min in revenge. Such magic was legendary, nearly unassailable, but Lu Min had many great wizards and heroes among it’s citizenry, and somehow, they defeated the hellish worm.

The body of the worm stretched across the city, a great mass of demonic flesh, now rotting and oozing disease and flys in the hot summer sun. No one was exactly sure how to extract the grotesque thing, and soon the entire city was filled with swarming flys and stench. Even in death, Leioki’s worm was a curse. Piece by piece, ton by ton, they began to remove the worm form the city. Wizards sought to blast it apart, but this only served to spread gore and offal everywhere. If is said, after a month, what was left of the things monolithic carcass exploded and a horde of demons spilled out of it’s body to consume all who could not flee. To this day they say Lu Min is still down in the south, haunted by soul thirsty demons…can you imagine such an age, when such magics were unleashed?

Ching Sun Ching was a wealthy noble of Lu Min in those days. After the worm attacked, he had no interest in sticking around the city, so he fled to his country estate. Ching was a philanthropist of sorts, and offered to buy a vast sum of the books in Lu Min’s great library, to keep them safe for antiquity. He spent a fortune in those weeks after the worm attacked, and paid more to have cartloads of books rushed out of the city and to his estate.

When the worm burst, Ching gathered up all the followers and people beholden to his house, and gathered up all the people of the nearby village as well, and helped everyone to flee. He led them away from the demon plagued city, and across Yun Shan’s landscape, then torn by civil war. All along the way he used his wealth and way with people to keep the refugees he led safe. Finally, he led us to this place. Somehow he made a deal with the spirit of this land, and we were allowed to live here. By then, Ching Sun Ching, had lost all his wealth, but he had used it to purchase the two most precious of things, Life, and Knowledge!

Thus, Ching Sun Ching is our founder, and a patron saint of this land. like the Golden Lady and Sun Quan, and in time, Caris will no doubt come to such honor…

But I digress, here is where we have settled, in this beautiful place, and beneath this temple, a large fraction of the books from Lu Min’s great library…I’ve estimated Ching saved a sixth of the library…they are here beneath this temple, and I would grant you their study for as long as you wish to stay. It has been my lifes hobby to catalog and index the entire library. My Index is the size of a personal library all by itself, and it’s not nearly finished.