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December 4, 2015 at 11:28 am #1604

The shrine’s keeper looks fascinated at the softly glowing sigils that orbit Stern’s head, a look of child like wonder playing across his features, a look that seems strange and inspiring on one so old.
For a while the keeper asks many curious questions about Stern’s Race and Krom. The two speak a good while, some of you lean forward intently, inspired by the shrine keepers curious energy and Stern’s narration. Some of you lean back in the comfy chairs, letting the wine and warmth wash over you, and nod in and out of wakefulness as the two men speak. Then as things die down he flatly states, referring back to Stern’s original comment:

“Well it is a good thing for us you are on just the path you walk.”

The shrine’s bald keeper looks intently into the fire, the light flickering in his dark glittering eyes and across his shaven head.

“Once all the basic needs of life are taken care of, I think knowledge is the greatest gift. Knowledge is like the bright stars that help us to navigate the sea of destiny, it turns those chaotic seas into a river of purpose. There are many books in this shrine, rare books with rare answers. If there is some knowledge you seek, I welcome you, all of you…

And his eyes linger on Grognak for a moment.

…to peruse our humble library, perhaps it might hold some answers for you and your friends…it is really the greatest gift I have to offer, and hopefully you will understand this gift contains the sum of my gratitude, gratitude for how you all have fought beside my Lord, and saved our land”