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December 4, 2015 at 10:47 am #1603

Intrigued, stern leans in just a bit. “Not many know of my people, Yes it is true we have a connection not so much with common written word but more deeper to that of arcane words and symbols These…” as he lets his sigils illuminate and points to them “These are tied to my very soul, they are as much apart of me as breath is to you. Stern looks deep into the burning coals of the fire “When I was young I was drawn if you will into this path that Crom has chosen for me. Natural, gifted, CHOSEN… These were all words that were used to describe me in the monasteries of the Kabals during my formative years as a young acolyte. It is times like these past days where I see the Strength of our gods beholden in the spirits of the people fighting side by side that I know we have been chosen… Hand selected if you will, by our gods to achieve victory for the greater good. So although my people have a bend for the more Arcane I was chosen to lead a different path.”